Training Courses

    FBF offers services relative to personnel training courses in a number of sectors.
    The services offered range from preparation and coordination of training activities
    to actually conducting the entire training program for clients. FBF provides
    instructors of the highest competency and professionalism for courses involving
    the function and use of equipment, systems and technical documentation in the railways, electronics, mechanics, informatics and naval sectors.

    Many such courses have been successfully conducted by FBF for prestigious
    clients worldwide. Recently, technicians of the Washington D.C. subway
    system completed a training course to be opportunely instructed on the workings
    and use of Breda (Italy's foremost industrial concern in this sector) supplied trains, equipment and technical support. Another project, conducted for Bolivian airport personnel, dealt with the details of communications equipment use and
    maintenance. Still in the field of communications, FBF conducted a training
    course for the Italian telecommnuications giant, Telecom Italia, to train personnel
    in the use and maintenance of mobile telecommunications units.

    We could continue to give examples of training projects we have successfully conducted for satisfied clients. For the sake of brevity we, instead, invite you to
    contact us for your training needs. We would be pleased to discuss the matter
    with you to help you evaluate our possibilities in more detail. We are confident
    you will appreciate our competency, experience and availability.