Digital Technologies

    FBF represents a step forward in the application of technologies tied to the
    vast digital universe, in rapid expansion, that revolves around the computer
    with particular emphasis on the Internet and multimedia presentations. The
    experience we have acquired has made us leaders in the following fields:

    • Web site development
    • Optimization of Website evolution management
    • Translation services for multilingual sites
    • Interactive catalogs
    • Demo production
    • CD-ROM presentations
    • Touch-screen systems
    • Graphic animation
    • Digital video / Audio production

    FBF utilizes many of the most effective hardware and software tools available
    today to create graphic, video, audio and text solutions that give clients the
    dynamic exposure and competitive edge they need in today's aggressive

    FBF also organizes training courses in computer technology fields that are
    better defined in the Training section of this site.

    We invite you to contact us for any inqueries you may have. Quotations for
    realizing your requirements are prepared on request.