Preparation of Technical Documents

    The personnel of FBF are highly experienced professionals versed
    in all aspects of project management and implementation in the
    Naval, Railways, Electronics and Mechanical fields. The application
    of this specific knowledge has permitted FBF to acquire and maintain
    world-class clients, companies that have grown to trust and treasure
    the support of FBF for their most demanding and delicate needs in the
    fields of technical documentation preparation and translation.

    We at FBF take an active role in providing solutions to our clients that
    go beyond simply packaging a draft document. For this reason we are
    frequently requested by our clients to apply our ideas to enhance the
    efficaciousness of their documents.

    Our activity is, therefore, obviously not limited to elaborating text. We
    have a staff of highly qualified draftsmen and computer operators that
    integrate all elements of design and graphic imagery into the
    comprehensive documentation projects we conduct.

    We at FBF invite you, our esteemed visitor, to contact us for your
    requirements. We will be pleased to respond to your queries.

    For specific information pertaining to some projects we have realized
    on behalf of our clients, please click on the relative links listed below:

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